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How Interest Rate Changes Affect the Price of. rise and future cash flows are discounted at a higher rate, the lower coupon bond has relatively more cash flow.

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Inflation expectations affect the discount rate (fisher equation comes into this) Deferred consumption by definition has an opportunity cost.The yield of a bond is influenced by the price the buyer pays to purchase it.

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Bond Terminology Coupon rate: is the annual. rate is higher than the coupon rate, bond is. there exists linear relationship between price.This means it is not about preserving the current purchasing power of money.

Coupon paying bonds do not allow the coupons to be compounded by direct reinvestment in the bond.The variability in realised yield caused by changing market rates at which coupons can be reinvested.The amount of return a bond earns over time is known as its yield.The stated value of the bond, usually the final principal payment. A.k.a. face value or par value What is the Coupon.

As a tool for reducing or eliminating interest rate risk over a given holding period.There is generally a positive relationship between term to maturity and duration.They explain the relationship between bond prices and changes in IR levels and are fundamental to understanding how to manage a bond portfolio.A debt security obligating a borrower to pay a lender interest and principal.

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If an interest rate increases, the price on a bond declines, and vice versa.

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Learn the relationship between price, yield and duration when it. the yield of the bond to its price. inverse relationship with the coupon rate of the bond.Analogous to the internal rate of return (IRR) of a capital project.

Bond valuation and bond. are valued and the relationship between the bond value or price,. and observation of spot rates of zero coupon bonds,.Yield to Maturity. There is a relationship between current yield,. which in turn will be more than the coupon rate. 2. If a bond trades at a.Credit ratings assigned can help determine. 2. Reinvestment risk: the potential effect of variability of market interest rates on return at which payments can be reinvested when received.With a liquid secondary market a bond holder can sell their investment prior to maturity.CHAPTER 33 VALUING BONDS. relationship between bond prices and interest rates arises directly from the present value.Uses the same procedure as YTM, but for some holding period shorter than maturity.

The price of a bond changes in response to changes in interest rates in the economy.

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Understanding Duration. calculation of the change in bond prices given varying coupon payment. accounting for the dynamic relationship between prices and rates.Cash flows are assumed to flow at end of the period and to be reinvested at i.

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The variability in bond prices caused by their inverse relationship with interest rates Fluctuations in realised yield caused by capital gains and losses constitute price risk.

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The expected yield is the yield predicted for a given holding period.If interest rates go up, new bond issues might have coupon rates of 6%.Relation between Coupon Rate, Required Rate, Value, and Par Value.

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Reward investors for at least 3 types of risks incurred when investing: 1.Yield tells us the rate of returns(%) for the bond based on current price.It is the discount rate at which bond price equals present value (PV) or discounted value of the expected payments.The borrower in a bond contract (usually a corporation or government body).

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